Areas of Intervention

Digital Learning
  • Considering the fast changing world and the challenges on the African continent, we seek to provide new and innovative methods to learning in areas plagued by humanitarian emergencies. We make available to scholars, tools and the necessary human capital. By so doing, we develop;
  • E-learning platforms which are digital systems wherein students and teachers unite online and provide courses and links for students to study;
  • Provide assessments taken online to appraise student’s performance with an online evaluation conducted at the end of each session;
  • Students engage in interactive sessions. Students can link up with their friends at home in order to follow through on the various e-courses on this educational platform of DERI. This system has been designed to help children in regions devastated by humanitarian crises with limited access to education;
  • We also provide scholarships to promising young scholars who have proven demonstrated commitment of giving back in their communities and are promising to succeed academically.
Digital communication
  • DERI division of digital communications uses a modern approach to news coverage and media activities for every target audience. In an area that has redefined the way in which people interact and get informed, we make sure that communities get plugged into the full potential of online communication through our strategic marketing and social media management techniques.
  • We let your message out, we make it spread down every channel. Together we will produce digital communication with a force that draws in the populations, irresistibly.
  • We deliver solid, cutting-edge technology, with a close attention to design, so as ensure massive diffusion of the information to large audiences.
Good Health & Nutrition
  • We take a holistic approach in providing better feeding habits to pregnant women and their children to prevent acute malnutrition and promote better feeding practices.
  • DERI also organizes health campaigns to educate women on the devastating consequences of poor feeding habits, but also giving them the tools needed to ensure proper nourishment.
  • The “Living healthy¨ application of DERI which shall be made available on the apple and android app-stores free of charge shall give constant updates to all its subscribers on the awareness and prevention procedures to be implemented in preventing and treating epidemics /pandemics across Africa.
Youth empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Investing in the youth is the surest avenue to sustainable development, peace and security. The African youth population is set to soar, reaching its apogee by 2050. Without the necessary guidance, these youth could pose rather a threat than an advantage. DERI promotes youth empowerment and entrepreneurship by:

  • Advancing women rights and that the girl child, through educations, but also sponsorship and guiding female entrepreneurs working towards the emancipation of their communities to succeed at what they do.
Positive Use of Social Media

The climate crisis is real, and its consequences know no boundaries. However, governments continue to act independently, meanwhile the combined forces of all is pivotal for global success. Regional cooperation and development can be beneficial for equitable sustainable development.

Social Media has become the epicentre of commerce, globalization, but also of hate speech, bullying, terrorism just to name a few. So how do we foster the positive use of social media?

  • At DERI, we organize special youth campaigns and conferences to promote the positive use of social media among millennials to enable them avoid the ills of social media addictions and its inappropriate contents and usage.
  • We enhance the usage of social media in the manner that will drive growth, poster sensitization campaigns, promote development, advance educational standards amongst youths.
Regional Development & Climate Action

The Development and Emergency Relief Initiative uses scientific and technical knowledge in meeting specific objectives of the communities it operates in by:

  • The Development and Emergency Relief Initiative uses scientific and technical knowledge in meeting specific objectives of the communities it operates in by transforming economically and socially towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society.
  • Through our innovative creation of the World Business Congress on Sustainable Development (WBCSD), member companies from all across Africa in particular and the world at large shall continue from within-in, in the rapid campaign on enhancing sustainable development through their daily company activities in their communities of operation.

In this way, we advance dialogue while promoting regional cooperation and integration for a more sustainable Africa and beyond.